Ghost (Phantom) complaints

im writing this while watching x-factor and my purpose is complaining abt k-drama i just finished 2 hours ago. really, i myself dont understand how my brain works, i mean how the heck i can devide my concentration almost eventually. probably im just going to write nonsense in this post (it’s not that i wrote sense posts before lol)

since im kinda confuse on how to start complaining (is this even possible??) i will start with how i get the drama.

so, i went to my lecturer office again last wednesday. thing that i regret from my visit is why i brought my external hardisk together with my notebook? i mean my purpose coming to the office was meeting my lecturer for academic matters so i shouldnt have brought my external HD bcs i knew it’s going to be hell gateway OTL. i met my junior there who had been watching this drama im going to complain about for only she knows how many days. everytime i visited that place i always found her sitting watching this drama. i was intrigued. i mean she’s working on her research in analiycal lab but still she found time watcing this drama. so thats how i end up brought my external HD. i copied the drama after finishing what i need to finish with my lecturer. and here is when my regret started.

i started watching the drama in the afternoon of that day…… n like what always happen when u was hooked up by kdrama u simply couldnt stop. i slept at 4 am that day. what a day.
the same thing happened the next day. i slept at 3 am. i waste my last two precious days bcs i was stupid i couldnt stop myself from watching. i have wayyyyyyy more important thing to take care of but still i chosed to continue watching. why? bcs i thought the storyline worth enough my time (it sounds stupid i know). and up to the last ep that excuse still stood bravely lol. i didnt regret anything AT ALL up to the last 10 min of the drama. and when the drama end i just wanna slaughter my head bcs i really HATE the ending. i suddenly wanted to take back all those time i had spent watching.



just come back from kfc~ wew~~ went there to meet a friend of mine, havent seen her for more than 2 weeks. busy life is forever busy (funny isn it? i mean i dont even have permanent job yet but still i find it difficult to spare time for meeting my friend) yah.. luckily we managed to set time to meet. we chosed kfc just because it’s the only decent of mcd also in the list but its to far from where we met place where we can sit up to whenever we want w/h spending too much money lol. one mocca float, one medium french fries, one fried chicken and one sundae ice cream served our stomach well, so yeah….

we spent almost the entire evening catching up with things happening in our life lately. we talked and talked abt everything. we talked abt our friends, abt life, parents, happiness, love, future and more.. basically we just talked whatever crossed our mind. it is always fun sharing your thought with someone who understands what u mean, i mean sometime when we talk we just want to be heard right? thats why it’s always been nice to meet her.

there’s one thing i realized (it’s not that i dont realize it before but i just feel im more than aware abt this thing after talking to her) that i can see things from different perspective now. it’s like i feel im more mature than before. i feel like i am better at handling problems now. sure i still have tons to learn to be more than better but up to this point i kinda feel im proud of myself bcs i can reach this level. things that happen in my life teach and give me lessons to be better and better and finally i think ive tasted this maturity feels. i knew that ive reached this step but talking to her has made me feel ‘wah.. i ve been through a lot n still okay if not better, i ve been doing well’. thats one feeling that just feels WOW… it makes me feels i can face everything bcs basically i just can. i have my own strength n im the only one who can use it right. this feels so nice.

i write this bcs i dont want to forget this moment. im glad i got chance meeting her today 🙂


i have been sitting here, in front of my lecturer office waiting for him for more than an hour. i wanna say funtastic, but not really bcs sadly tjis is reality that i’ve more than enogh had, so im used to it.. also theres this old saying the one need help needs to sacrifice more so even though im not okay i have to be.

i have literally nothing to do except harassing my mobile…. this machine was quite useful half an hour ago but now……… u know that i cant say the same…. im BORED……. gosh…
but what to do? nothing…. just wating patienly becz after all like what ive said im the one who needs his help and it’s a public secret here that he’s not someone having much leisure time… so back to the basic rule.. patience………
this patience word leads me thingking how in the world theres people who have unlimited stock if this feels… certainly i need to learn from them…
and here it goes, another half hour has passed. it’s 10.30 am but still no sigh of him… i guess this is why lot of people wanna be a lecturer, u can come whenever u want -_____-
I shoul have texted or called him prior to every meeting that i plan by myself.. but no ive never done that, i have no gutss to do so.. still awkward around him even after all those consultation seasons i did. so actually i ve no right to complain bcs partially its my fault. duh…
guess nothing i could do except waiting..
okey im going to continue this waiting session hopefully it wont be too long ;___;
pray for me guys..
see ya~

just in case i ever made this

i made this for my friend bday last night.. i didn have my crayon nor colorful spidol with me so this is how it end up, too simple for my taste.. but u have heard that it’s the thought that counts right? so here we go..

mput bday card

acctually that one was my second self-made bday card.. the first one was of course for my friend, indri.. luckily when i made hers i had all i need complete so here it is….
(tuurned out i dont know where i put my first card.. i’ll be back after i find the pict and post it here OTL)

Music Bank In Jakarta

yooo, it’s 19.44 PM WITA 9th March meaning music bank in Jakarta is happening atm where SUPER JUNIOR also going to perform. And here i am sitting trying to make a new post for my new blog and feel like nothing important is happening :)) this feeling feels soooooo nice. It’s not that i dont watch the concert, i really do wanna watch it but there things that i need to take care of here in my hometown so……..

i believe i can watch super junior concert someday, it’s just not today. that day will come for sure. i just need to work harder (increase my saving XD) and be more patience because parents bless seems still out of my reach xD

for those watching music bank live in jakarta have fun and give your loudest cheer for our boys yooo~~!! ^^



Hello again…. no one XD (no one because i dont think there’s one poor soul (hepefully) who will read this post). It’s my 123456th blog i guess? i made some before but turned out i lost all of their passwords .____. So, instead of trying to retrieve those blogs i decided to make a new one because simply it’s free :))) 

Well besides the reason i’m mentioning before i also have other reasons. The first still same like before, to improve my english skill especially in writing with correct grammar ^^ (i’m obsessed with grammar i know and i dont think nothing’s wrong with that since if i get chances living overseas my obsession will help me…somehow lol). The second one is because i’m trying to improve my communication skill lmao. It sounds stupid i know. Instead of trying to communicate with speaking soul i chose this, writing my thought in blog. It’s as absurd as my wish meeting super junior in lombok. Well, i kind of confuse myself why i choose this way instead the former way. But i guess it’s because i’m still lack of thousand of confident……………………………. so yeah i ended up decide blogging can also help me ofc in different way. I still can try to communicate whats on my mind through my writing, choosing the right word so people can understand what i want to say is also important. So lets give it a try :)))

Tbh i kinda making promise to myself to not abandon this blog like what i always did before, so yeah…. hopefully i can fulfill that almost-promise kkkk. 

and also just in case one or maybe some poor souls get lost and find this blog and read embarrassing things i’m going to write i want to say sorry in advance. And maybe even i say  i want to practice my writing in english i also for sure going to make post in bahasa since like what i said earlier, im still practicing and currently my english is as bad as my other skills lol (excuses are my close friend guys :p) so yeah…. im warning you :))

Lets meet in the next posts….. 

see ya 🙂