Hello again…. no one XD (no one because i dont think there’s one poor soul (hepefully) who will read this post). It’s my 123456th blog i guess? i made some before but turned out i lost all of their passwords .____. So, instead of trying to retrieve those blogs i decided to make a new one because simply it’s free :))) 

Well besides the reason i’m mentioning before i also have other reasons. The first still same like before, to improve my english skill especially in writing with correct grammar ^^ (i’m obsessed with grammar i know and i dont think nothing’s wrong with that since if i get chances living overseas my obsession will help me…somehow lol). The second one is because i’m trying to improve my communication skill lmao. It sounds stupid i know. Instead of trying to communicate with speaking soul i chose this, writing my thought in blog. It’s as absurd as my wish meeting super junior in lombok. Well, i kind of confuse myself why i choose this way instead the former way. But i guess it’s because i’m still lack of thousand of confident……………………………. so yeah i ended up decide blogging can also help me ofc in different way. I still can try to communicate whats on my mind through my writing, choosing the right word so people can understand what i want to say is also important. So lets give it a try :)))

Tbh i kinda making promise to myself to not abandon this blog like what i always did before, so yeah…. hopefully i can fulfill that almost-promise kkkk. 

and also just in case one or maybe some poor souls get lost and find this blog and read embarrassing things i’m going to write i want to say sorry in advance. And maybe even i say  i want to practice my writing in english i also for sure going to make post in bahasa since like what i said earlier, im still practicing and currently my english is as bad as my other skills lol (excuses are my close friend guys :p) so yeah…. im warning you :))

Lets meet in the next posts….. 

see ya 🙂


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