i have been sitting here, in front of my lecturer office waiting for him for more than an hour. i wanna say funtastic, but not really bcs sadly tjis is reality that i’ve more than enogh had, so im used to it.. also theres this old saying the one need help needs to sacrifice more so even though im not okay i have to be.

i have literally nothing to do except harassing my mobile…. this machine was quite useful half an hour ago but now……… u know that i cant say the same…. im BORED……. gosh…
but what to do? nothing…. just wating patienly becz after all like what ive said im the one who needs his help and it’s a public secret here that he’s not someone having much leisure time… so back to the basic rule.. patience………
this patience word leads me thingking how in the world theres people who have unlimited stock if this feels… certainly i need to learn from them…
and here it goes, another half hour has passed. it’s 10.30 am but still no sigh of him… i guess this is why lot of people wanna be a lecturer, u can come whenever u want -_____-
I shoul have texted or called him prior to every meeting that i plan by myself.. but no ive never done that, i have no gutss to do so.. still awkward around him even after all those consultation seasons i did. so actually i ve no right to complain bcs partially its my fault. duh…
guess nothing i could do except waiting..
okey im going to continue this waiting session hopefully it wont be too long ;___;
pray for me guys..
see ya~


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