just come back from kfc~ wew~~ went there to meet a friend of mine, havent seen her for more than 2 weeks. busy life is forever busy (funny isn it? i mean i dont even have permanent job yet but still i find it difficult to spare time for meeting my friend) yah.. luckily we managed to set time to meet. we chosed kfc just because it’s the only decent of mcd also in the list but its to far from where we met place where we can sit up to whenever we want w/h spending too much money lol. one mocca float, one medium french fries, one fried chicken and one sundae ice cream served our stomach well, so yeah….

we spent almost the entire evening catching up with things happening in our life lately. we talked and talked abt everything. we talked abt our friends, abt life, parents, happiness, love, future and more.. basically we just talked whatever crossed our mind. it is always fun sharing your thought with someone who understands what u mean, i mean sometime when we talk we just want to be heard right? thats why it’s always been nice to meet her.

there’s one thing i realized (it’s not that i dont realize it before but i just feel im more than aware abt this thing after talking to her) that i can see things from different perspective now. it’s like i feel im more mature than before. i feel like i am better at handling problems now. sure i still have tons to learn to be more than better but up to this point i kinda feel im proud of myself bcs i can reach this level. things that happen in my life teach and give me lessons to be better and better and finally i think ive tasted this maturity feels. i knew that ive reached this step but talking to her has made me feel ‘wah.. i ve been through a lot n still okay if not better, i ve been doing well’. thats one feeling that just feels WOW… it makes me feels i can face everything bcs basically i just can. i have my own strength n im the only one who can use it right. this feels so nice.

i write this bcs i dont want to forget this moment. im glad i got chance meeting her today 🙂


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