Ghost (Phantom) complaints

im writing this while watching x-factor and my purpose is complaining abt k-drama i just finished 2 hours ago. really, i myself dont understand how my brain works, i mean how the heck i can devide my concentration almost eventually. probably im just going to write nonsense in this post (it’s not that i wrote sense posts before lol)

since im kinda confuse on how to start complaining (is this even possible??) i will start with how i get the drama.

so, i went to my lecturer office again last wednesday. thing that i regret from my visit is why i brought my external hardisk together with my notebook? i mean my purpose coming to the office was meeting my lecturer for academic matters so i shouldnt have brought my external HD bcs i knew it’s going to be hell gateway OTL. i met my junior there who had been watching this drama im going to complain about for only she knows how many days. everytime i visited that place i always found her sitting watching this drama. i was intrigued. i mean she’s working on her research in analiycal lab but still she found time watcing this drama. so thats how i end up brought my external HD. i copied the drama after finishing what i need to finish with my lecturer. and here is when my regret started.

i started watching the drama in the afternoon of that day…… n like what always happen when u was hooked up by kdrama u simply couldnt stop. i slept at 4 am that day. what a day.
the same thing happened the next day. i slept at 3 am. i waste my last two precious days bcs i was stupid i couldnt stop myself from watching. i have wayyyyyyy more important thing to take care of but still i chosed to continue watching. why? bcs i thought the storyline worth enough my time (it sounds stupid i know). and up to the last ep that excuse still stood bravely lol. i didnt regret anything AT ALL up to the last 10 min of the drama. and when the drama end i just wanna slaughter my head bcs i really HATE the ending. i suddenly wanted to take back all those time i had spent watching.


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