small mistake is never small

2 days ago i sent an email to an nz professor who prispectively can be my supervisor. He replied my email fast, within an hour i got his reply. He asked me to send my proposal then i suddenly became WHAT TO DO?!?! bcs tbh i havent prepared any proposal yet since the scholarship requirements dont state proposal, only research outline is needed. Finally i only sent him that thing. I blatantly wrote reserach outline in my email to him instead of research proposal that he asked. The worst part happened here. I totally forgot to attach that file and when i realized that stupid mistake i immediately tried to resend a new email. But i guess bad luck decided to pay me a visit that night. I cant even explain what happened to my internet connection that night logically. It run fast as it should have been, i could open any sites in a blink of eyes but unfortunately i couldnt attach 14 kb word file no matter what i did. I just couldnt. I tried to open my email using different web browser but still nothing changed. I wished hard the profesor wouldnt read my email too quickly. But i told you bad luck paid a visit. He replied my email at 3.42 am with only  ‘there is no attachment’. I dont even want to think what he did at that late hour. I decided to try my luck with the connection AGAIN, but nothing changed. Thats how i end up going to internet cafe… I successfully attached the file but up to now i havent heard any news from him. lol. i guess i failed him.
have to look for another prospective supervisor ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
you see what i mean, that was a small mistake but it lead to disastrous result which means it’s not a small at all ㅠㅠ


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