what to do

To be honest i dont know where i should start this post from. A lot of things happen these past few weeks and most of them are close to unpleasant :<

I feel like i dont know what i should do with my life anymore. Everything i’ve planned before, not even one run as it should have been. The thing is when one thing didnt go well it also affected the other plans. i’m screwed totally and literally. I dont even have much time left but NONE goes well. I am upset, angry, gloomy and i just wanna scream as loud as possible. All these things feel like a domino effect, when i am upset with one thing it leads me to feel upset with the other things or you can say with my whole life.

I shouldnt have complained like this i should have take more actions to solve all this shits. But really, is it so wrong to complain with your life? i may sound like ungrateful human being, but at this moment i really cant hold back my dissapointment ;;_______;;

i feel like telling the rest of the world what i feel, but no, in fact i have no one i can tell and share these heavy feeling. im just gong to sit here pitying myself before anyone could do it to me. it sounds like a looser doing but hell i dont care at all. after all this is my problem and i know i need this to be able to get my ass up again.

i am going to get over this stupid feeling and situation. i have to.


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