Even a dream can be that suck?

This is crazy and unacceptable! I dreamt of someone last night. Someone who should not have affected me in term of EVERYTHING. Like literally everything. But the fact im facing this morning is saying otherwise. Here i am sitting while kind of confuse why did i dream of him last night. Because clearly i had not thought anything abt him before i slept. In fact i hadnt thought of him for quite good time but suddenly he decided to appear in my dream and the sad part is even in my dream he choose to ignore me like what he has done in real life since last year. Sigh.

This is quite frustating. Im over him. Nothing left between us (it’s not we have anything to begin with) but really if he decides to ignore me cant he do that only in real life? No need to do that in my dream. It makes me feel beyond miserable bcs honestly at the moment i really pity myself.


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