Random Thought

It’s been a while since my last post. Lots of things has happened since then which actually can be made into some posts, maybe 3 or 4 post atleast. Im not quite sure why havent i written anything in that span of month? Busy? Lol it’s kinda lame excuse bcs all people who know me know im jobless xD
But you see, it’s also kinda true if not 100% true. Sure i have no job which is why it’s ridiculous to say im busy, but the thing is we dont always get busy bcs of job.
All things that has happened since last month really distract me from remembering my ‘duty’ here.

And now when i want to write down everything i dont know what to write x__x
I only vaguely remember what happened which reminds why i should have not abondoned this blog. I should have come here after something happen right? I should have done that bcs it’s always better when everything is still ‘fresh’.

Oh well, no need to keep complaining. This is going to be my lesson. Lets just move to whatever i can remember next.

Firstly, i remember that at the beginning of this week, mb eka called me from australia. Still cant believe that. I mean it’s aussie!! Lol. It’s not everyday i get an international call. In fact that was my first if i exclude dad’s call from mecca back in 2008 xD. So yeah it really surprised me. Why? Bcs she’s soooooooooooooo kind calling me only to give answer of my question which actually she can do only by replying my fb msg >.
Im lost of words. I’ve met with selfish, ungrateful, ignorant and annoying people. I mean i have met lots of people with not so good traits and it always amaze me how among those types theres aleays the good one. The real good one. I mean i know there are lot of good people still in this world but when i really find one it’s just different you know? Bcs i got to feel what kindness really means. Bcs even there are many of them it’s not like i can meet them easily. Bcs even im surrounded by lot of good people it still really surprise me of how much she willing to extend her hand to help those who need it including me. I’ve always known that she’s a good person and it was not my first time receiving her help but everytime i get help from her it still amaze me x___x
When she said she wanted to help me she really did it and still does it. She wants me to follow her path, her success path, a path that will take me to my wildest dream. She is just that great.
And after all effort that have been made finally last saturday i sent my form of applications. Sigh.

and now im all screwed. i think i must be crazy if i pass the first round like last year (which im 100% sure) and still chose jogja hahaha -__-