Finally Borobudur Temple!!

I like travelling, wait no, i love travelling i really really DO 🙂 It has always been my pleasure seeing and visiting new places wherever they are. Maybe the ‘travelling’ term is not a correct term to use in this post since based on my own definition travelling is more like moving from one place to others for quite some times? or at least it takes you more than one day and you visit many places at the time? no? nah i may sound ignorant, maybe i should find my oxford dictionary to find the correct meaning of travelling. And in this post what i am going to write is basically about a half day trip to Magelang to visit Borobudur Temple which used to be one of the world’ seven wonders.

So last saturday my lecturer in university asked me through my friend to join her little trip to the temple for our college days have not started. So why not? Me and my friends ofc said YES!! We havent gone there LOL so why not grab the chance?? I knew the trip was going to be fun with the ‘old’ friends and acquaintances from my previous uni to join and plus we didnt have to pay for transportation fee. It was free!! We used our lecturer’s car. She brought it from Lombok btw kkk

It took us about 1,5 hours to arrive at the temple. We left at around 8 am from Yogya so it was around almost 11 am we arrived there. Just when the car stopped at the parking area, some merchant sellers immediately swarming the car persuading us to buy their stuffs. It was kinda annoying tbh but idk? they were just trying to get money so they have something to eat at their houses. lol whatever idk. But finally i bought a hat for IDR 25.000 because it was hot like crazy there. And to think that i havent visited Perambanan Temple, i thought that the hat would be some kind of investment, i mean i dont need to buy one when i go to Prambanan later XD


it’s the hat it’s cute isnt it? XD

So yeah after buying our entrance tickets which costs IDR 30.000 we directly went to the main temple. Here is some pictures i took yesterday. FYI i failed to get the full view of the temple bcs (once again) it was darn HOT!! So i was too lazy to stroll around the park surrounding the temple. And it was also very crowded at the top of the temple yeah since yesterday was sunday therefore (more excuses :p) i barely got nice pictures of the temple (not to mention my suck photographing skills LOL)

So here you go


the sky was so clear yesterday and you can see the crowd right?





actually and of course i have more lol but i dont think the remaining ones are presentable enough to be seen so thats it!!

I relly enjoyed my little trip yesterday. Hopefully i can visit more amazing places in the future which also hopefully not also in Indonesia but also in other countries 🙂

See ya~~!!

NB: all pictures are mine taken by my samsung ^^


Some things do not happen when you expect them to happen



i have been waiting for dad’s call since two days ago, but as you can guess very veryyy correctly up to this sec i have got none LOL. It’s kinda odd of not getting his call since i usually got at least one everyday before. 

The funny thing is i am waiting his call because i kinda run out of money and it would be weird if i make call first to only ask for money. i maintain my pride high even when i am in crucial condition LOL. Well thats what im doing but for now im not at that crucial point yet. I was just explaining why i am like this. so yeah.

Guess what?? Of course i do feel bad about this bcs usually i dont really pay attention when he calls me since it is part of our routines. But now tadaaaaaa lol

I know i am such a bad kid LOLL