Some things do not happen when you expect them to happen



i have been waiting for dad’s call since two days ago, but as you can guess very veryyy correctly up to this sec i have got none LOL. It’s kinda odd of not getting his call since i usually got at least one everyday before. 

The funny thing is i am waiting his call because i kinda run out of money and it would be weird if i make call first to only ask for money. i maintain my pride high even when i am in crucial condition LOL. Well thats what im doing but for now im not at that crucial point yet. I was just explaining why i am like this. so yeah.

Guess what?? Of course i do feel bad about this bcs usually i dont really pay attention when he calls me since it is part of our routines. But now tadaaaaaa lol

I know i am such a bad kid LOLL


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