People say ‘time does heal all the wounds’ some agree with it some also dont. I think it depends on what kind of wound that left, but im grateful that all this time that phrase almost always works on me.
So this morning after almost a year i finally got enough strength to open that letter, the rejection letter that i only skimmed fast first time i had it on my hand. The rejection letter that i kept under many many books and folders at the bottom of my drawer for almost a year. The rejection letter that i’ve never mentioned it to anyone for that span of time except today. The rejection letter that i didnt even dare to think about bcs simply i was just to hurt to even give it a thought.

But today……. I finally open it and read it carefully patiently till i fully understand its content. And while i was reading it i realized that i’ve overcome that hurtful feeling. I realized that i am no longer afraid of all the feel i used to get bcs of it. I am relieved. I can move on thinking about the step i should take next. I am grateful for all time i’ve got to learn to accept that turning point of my life. Even it took me almost a year to come to this point i am still grateful.

There was really no sadness or fear or regret when i read it this morning. Alhamdulillah


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