H-2 of the day and H-12 of exam

I woke up late this morning. I had advanced inorganic class at 07.30 am but i woke up at 07.00 am and amazingly i didnt try to do anything faster, it was like i didnt have anything waiting for me when in fact i did. Fortunately i arrived at the class before my lecturer did. I think it is bcs somehow when i was on my way to uni i speed of my walking speed. i am glad i did it bcs it seems like i still have some consciousness over my study, i dont want to arrive late, but maybe again it’s bcs of the lecturer itself. He’s smart, funny, and knows how to teach. Always anticipating his class.

Things that i realized when this lecturer of mine was giving his lecture was how amazingly wonderful chemistry is. it’s amazing how chemistry can do wonder to human’s life bcs practically everything in this universe is chemistry itself. At that moment i was like ‘wow i actually learn this subject’ and i am proud of it. it’s a subject that does bring human to 123456789 step away from any form of primitivity. Then again i still wonder why havent i found any interest in the subject? it looks like im enjoying the subject as a viewer only not as a person who does it. the next question is forever why. WHY?


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