H-1 of the day and H-11 of exam

Went to uni with slightly better mood this morning therefore the physical chemistry’ class was quite okay meaning i kinda got what the the presentations were about (our class had been divided into 2 groups to present 2 different chapters, this morning was the others group’ turn, mine had finised the presentation last week) even though i havent fully grab all of the materials yet but i think i can catch up with the rest after reading our reference books.

In the afternoon i had another advanced inorganic chemistry class. The class has always been fun. I know i have mentioned it before that the lecture is awesome but i just wanna mention it again here. He’s just that awesome. We dont always learn about inorganic chemistry but also many things related to everything. Today’ higlight was about history. There is  no histories that 100% accurate they all depend on who and where they come from. They depend on who write them or in other words depend on who rules the authority. Like the famous joko tingkir’ stories which based on someone’ dissertation it’s merely a story which was made to cover an ugly fact about a king’ daughter getting pregnant before marriage. If i didnt take this man’ class i wouldnt ever know that there’ other perspecrtives abt this famous and  legendary stories.

In the evening i went to enpire XXI to watch 99 cahaya di langit eropa. The movie is GOOD. I didnt have any expectation for it bcs i havent read its book. But i got some reviews from some friends who already watched it  and they are not that nice hurrr. But after watching it i think good/bad is forever personal preference. Messages about islam which loves peace and full with tolerantion and understanding is delivered in nice way. The view that the movie presenting is superb. I wanna cry while watching it. Huhuhu.
After watching we (I and uyun, uli and firoh) went to find something to eat. Padamana fried rice was chosen as the place. Ordered a jumbo one and a glass of hot tea. I was full.
After that we went back to kosan.
And here i am writing it at 10.45 pm which less than 2 hours away from the day i was born. I am getting old. Le sigh. And it’s raining hard.

Last but not least i just wanna say i had a good day today. No gloomy nor worried feelings that have been following me for the past few weeks. Alhamdulillah.


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