I love you father

The first person who greeted me today is no other than my father. Idk why but i got so emotional after we end our phone conversation. Maybe it has to do with the fact that no one can loves you as much as your parents do and i feel kike i havent had any chance to return all their loves for me. I am such a bad daughter. I complain a lot about how demanding he has always been, being such ungrateful child. But no matter what happen he’s always there when no one else does. He’s the one who makes me who i am today. Bcs of all if his demands i can do what thought i couldnt do before. Thank you for being my father. Thank you for giving such abundant love that i can never return fully. I love you so much. And i am sorry i havent done anything worthy to make you proud of me. I’ll try harder for you i promise. I love you so much father.

Ps: i am legit crying while i am typing this. I am just soooo sad and happy at the same time and the tears are just keep falling.

Thank you so much for everything. Even i know i will never can thank you enough but thank you. I love you and forever will.


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