So basically today, i spent the whole day for shopping wohooo~~ i wanted to gift myself since no one got me birthday present lol (it’s not like i hoped someone will do haha) so i went to malioboro with uyun after we had what we called ‘jogging’ at gsp lol bcs in reality all we did was walking a lil faster while we were gossipping chatting. It wasnt jogging ofc i know 😀 but the fact that i was willing to left my bed early in the morning is something that need to be apreciated if the jogging attempt failed to be one


So yeah after finishing our walk at gsp we went back to kosan to prepare ourself then we went straight to malioboro. Uyun wanted to buy batik dress for her mom so did i. But after we arrived at beringharjo i realized that i dont know my mom size ._. So i called her asking what size she wears but turned out she didnt want me to buy her anything. She was like ‘no need to buy me dress i’ve asked your aunt to get me some’ and i was like o.o ‘okay…… Its her asking me to buy her one’ then i realized she just didnt want to burden me. Hurrr.. But even she said so i was determined to get her one but my luck wasnt that good today. I got none for her :/

I managed to get some clothes and hijab for my self after visiting so many stores but when i tried them at kosan they were not that good on my body :/ it’s quite upsetting bcs my legs are hurt bcs of the walking i did for the clothes. Hah…

I want to write more about today but typing from mobile is tiring so i’ll just stop here.


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