What should be the appropriate title?


just got back from uni and idk why, maybe it’s because of the silence that fills my boarding house or the rain poring down watering the earth, maybe it’s the combination of the silence and rain but i feel so lonely. yes i feel really really lonely realizing the fact that today is the last day of the year. all i wanna do is be home with my family, spending the night with them even if we do nothing. i just want to feel their presence. i wanna be at home badly. i never knew i could miss home badly like this 😦

and yes today is the last day of the year yet here i am sitting realizing that this year is the same as all those years before. i havent achieved and accomplished anything worthy to show to the world. it’s frustrating really.i dont understand what i have done throughout this year and be here today still with nothing in my hand. seems like i waste too many time for unimportant things  that i dont even know they are not worthy my time. wow.

and to be honest im scared for what new year will bring me. i have prepared nothing yet i still have to face everything, most of people seems excited to welcome 2014, but i am not. i dont feel like leaving this year yet. why cant it be prolonged even just for a day? i am not ready to face 2014 and i dont want this year end yet 😦


but we’re leaving 2013 and i can do nothing about it…..


hopefully everything i’ve planned for 2014 can run well especially coming home plane.




and even i dont want to but i have to….


Welcome 2014, i may not ready yet to meet you but i’ll definitely face you bravely 🙂


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