H-17 of another big day

Yes, it is less than 3 weeks!! May 25th is only 17 days away~~ YAY and NO at the same time. Hulll!!!

I feel like shouting ‘Sydney I am comiiiiiiiiiiiiiiingggggg’ yet i dont want to say “See you again Lombok’

I am beyond excited to finally see other parts of the world yet i am scared as hell to leave my comfort zone here

I cant wait to live independently yet I feel uneasy leaving all the support i always get from my families and friends here

I am so looking forward to meet new faces from all over the world yet i am afraid to leave my friends and families here

I know i am not stupid but i also realize that i am not that bright

I want to prove that i have a right to be there yet i dont have a faith that i am good enough to stand there

I know i can cope up with anything, I do, but still I am afraid I will fail






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