Prayer room in Sydney

Probably this is my favorite phrase ever: Time flies~

It feels like just yesterday I left Indonesia but here I am counting days of my staying in Sydney. It’s been more than 2 months O.O

Lots of things have happened during my 2 months stay here. Of course. I dont really know how to write them all even though i want to. It is time consuming and obviously I am being lazy here. However, lets just forget how lazy I am because even it is unforgettable, it feels like it is better to move to main purpose of this post. The purpose of my post today is to share my experience about finding a place to pray for us Muslim in Sydney CBD. 

On Thursday, July 31st I and my friend went to The university of Sydney for sightseeing. Both of us are Harry Potter fans which are a lil bit obsessed with old historic sites like all those buildings in Harry Potter movies. Fortunately we dont have to go all the way to UK to satisfy our thirst of those type of buildings. Australia also has them. Sydney has them. The University of Sydney.

Anyway, after looking around the Usyd campus for more than 2 hours we decide to find something to eat before heading home. And thats how I found this restaurant which provides us Muslim customers, a place to pray (it’s not exactly a room but it is better than praying under a bridge or in a corridor in front of a restroom). It is a thai restaurant btw. Unfortunately I forgot what it is called T___T my bad.

I will try to find what the name and where the exact location of that restaurant is. For all I can say it is in George st, very close to central station Sydney. If you come from YHA building just go straight towards west until you reach a T-Intersection and then turn left. You will also pas a halal chinese restaurant on your left side called Chinese noodle bar. From here you just need to walk a lil bit more as the thai restaurant is only one block away. Keep walking straight till you see the restaurant sign. It is on the right side of the street (from where you are coming). You just need cross the street and then you arrive at the restaurant.

The prayer room is on the 2nd floor. They provide sajadah but not mukena. So dont forget to bring your own mukena. Wastafel for wudhu is in the same room as the toilet. I like it because it gives me more freedom to do wudhu. I mean if the wastafel is placed outside the toilet, other people might see you when you put your legs on wastafel. And probably they will think you as a weirdo. Very thoughtfull of the owner. At this point I really am sure that the owner is also a muslim.

If you ask me about the food I cant say much because even tho I have been there twice, I dont really understand about taste. Food that I have tried there asre not bad but not good either, in my tongue.Probably it is because no matter what happen I most of the time think that Indonesian food is the best food everyone could ask for. I am biased I know I am. However whenever I was there it was always quite crowded. Probably they already have their loyal consumers. Or probably it is just me who cant adapt well with other types of cuisine. Idk. Taste is always about preference. So dont worry even I say the taste doesnt go well with my tongue, you probably wont think so.
These are some food that I have tried

Tomyun beef soup and springroll

The tomyum soup was too sour for my taste. The spring rolls were quite nice.



I forgot what is the last one called. It was mix of noodle, veggies and chicken. It was quite sweet. Thats why i decided to pour some tea spoons of dry chilli. And then I cried. My eyes and my nose. Literally. But the taste improved a lot compared to before I add chilli.

Most likely I will come back to this restaurant for the prayer room. And for other food I havent tried.
Btw the prices are reasonable. I dont remember exactly how much but they must be around AUD $10-15. Standard sydney price.


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