First time going to jail

Yes, the title says it all!

Today I went to a jail for the first time. I have been passing that building since forever, but never I thought that I actually would step my foot on there.

The feeling was surreal as I went there to do something I’ve never imagined before. I mean I have always been curious how jail in real life looks like. I’ve been seeing enough from movies, dramas, and news how a jail looks like. But still, I need to experience it by myself to satisfy my curiosity and today I got it. Nonetheless, I never really thought that I would get a chance to come to a real jail.

Surprise? No.

Happy? I do not know

Sad? Yes. It is my family member after all. How could I not be sad?

I almost feel like life is cruel eventho I know better that I should not have that kind of thought . But the past few months have been an emotional roller coaster for me and then this month I got this kind of surprise. Like I am still thinking, is this for real? How could this be real? just HOW?

I wanna cry, scream and talk. But as always I end up being mute. I am tired.

I think I need pillows.





Music Bank In Jakarta

yooo, it’s 19.44 PM WITA 9th March meaning music bank in Jakarta is happening atm where SUPER JUNIOR also going to perform. And here i am sitting trying to make a new post for my new blog and feel like nothing important is happening :)) this feeling feels soooooo nice. It’s not that i dont watch the concert, i really do wanna watch it but there things that i need to take care of here in my hometown so……..

i believe i can watch super junior concert someday, it’s just not today. that day will come for sure. i just need to work harder (increase my saving XD) and be more patience because parents bless seems still out of my reach xD

for those watching music bank live in jakarta have fun and give your loudest cheer for our boys yooo~~!! ^^