Weekly Photo Challenge; Achievement

I remember I made a list of my personal goals a day before 2011 came to its end. Cant remember exactly things that I listed down at that time because I lost the list. However, I still remember one of them is pursuing my study overseas. And here I am today, writing this post from one the smallest continents on the earth.

Two Sydney's most famous icons
Two Sydney’s most famous icons

I have been in this country for more than 6 months. Given the fact that I started EVERYTHING from zero to be able to come here, I feel like that 6 months are simply amazingly hard to paint in words. I achieve one of the things that I always dream of since I was a kid. I prove to not only people who underestimate me, but more important, to myself, that I CAN. I have always believed that I can, but then believing and reality are two different things. But now, the reality says it all, I CAN.

Weekly Photo Challenge; Achievement